Living in Torino

Spaces, resources and proximity services


15set 2021


the platform

Abitare a Torino / Living in Torino is the platform developed by Urban Lab in the framework of the ALT/BAU Transfer Network supported by the EU funded programme URBACT III for urban sustainable development.
It aims at identifying and analyzing spaces, resources and local services in Torino devoted to the individual and collective well-being, in order to offer a support tool for the evaluation of possible local assets and barriers. It is thus possible to pinpoint lines of action supporting housing policies.
By processing and systematizing data and through the analysis of different categories – population, real estate market, business, infrastructures, education – it is possible to observe the geographic composition of the housing services, thus evidencing their territorial distribution, clustering, accessibility degree and capillarity. Moreover, it is possible to make thematic and dimensional comparisons by creating custom maps.

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