Urban Lab is an independent association set up to tell the transformation of Torino and its metropolitan area. Its purpose is to collect documents, spread knowledge and promote the debate about the city. A place where citizens, experts and economic operators can find information, meet and talk.

Urban Lab addresses the citizens interested in urban transformations, leading them in the discovery of Torino’s area, its architecture, spaces and their uses.

Urban Lab offers experts and insiders the possibility to study policies, urban plans and transformation projects in depth, with a specific focus on local experience and international good practices.



Valentina Campana

Director @

Erica Albarello

European projects  @

Roberta Balma Mion

Special projects

Chiara Duch

Administration, organizational secretariat@

Giulietta Fassino

Cultural projects

Chiara Lucchini

Regional development manager @

Antonella Massia

Communication, promotion, press office

Lorenzo Pessotto

European projects 

Marta Ugolotti

Maps  @ 

the architects and planners who make you discover the changing city

Cinzia Calvi, Francesco Carota, Daniele Campobenedetto, Elisa Cocimano, Giovanni Comoglio, Elena Ghibaudo, Francesco Carota, Alberto Matta, Angela Osorio Mendez, Carlo Alberto Pera, Elena Zirio


Paola Virano (Director 2014-2016), Carlo Olmo (Director 2005-2014), Mario Montalcini (General Secretary 2010-2018), Antonio De Rossi (Deputy Director 2005-2014), Paolo Verri (Organizational Development Coordinator 2005-2010), Andrea Alario, Roberto Albano, Paolo Antonelli, Veronica Arato, Alessandro Armando, Marta Bariolo, Luca Begheldo, Chiara Bergeretti, Michele Bonino, Francesca Camorali, Enrico Carignano, Elena Carmagnani, Enrico Alberto Confienza, Emanuele Contini, Silvio Cristiano, Lucia Carolina De Rienzo, Federico Guiati, Jessica Jacqueminaz, Stefania Manzo, Cecilia Miotto, Giulia Mondino, Sara Soo Mee Brocchi, Stefano Pensa, Emanuela Saporito, Lara Spano, Carlo Spinelli, Matteo Torresin, Stefano Zara

Interns and trainees

Jessica Allevato, Cecilia Barbero, Sofia Beltramo, Giulia Bertola, Francesca Bragaglia, Miriam Brignolo, Carlo Alberto Burdese, Cristina Calleri, Cinzia Calvi, Michela Dall’Igna, Rachele Fassari, Giulia Franchello, Debora Furnari, Roberta Garnerone, Franck Giraud, Eleonora Gualtieri, Helena Khalil, Rocco Meoli, Mauro Montis, Vittoria Nallo, Francesca Palandri, Silvia Paulillo, Maurizia Pignatelli, Chiara Prearo, Angelo Romano, Noemi Saltarelli, Luis Sanchez, Riccardo Sarà, Sergio Savasta, Irene Tartaglione, Alessandro Tempia Valenta, Vittoria Tunno, Marta Ugolotti, Rita Ventimiglia, Maddalena Visinoni


associazione from 2010

Urban Lab was set up in September 2005 with the name of Urban Center Metropolitano di Torino, as a result of an agreement between Città di Torino, Compagnia di San Paolo and Associazione Torino Internazionale. According to the indications contained in the second Strategic Plan of Torino, its mission is to become a place where the economic, social and cultural players involved in the process for the city transformation can meet and talk. In 2010 it became an independent association, also from an administrative point of view. In 2018, following the reorganization of the bodies responsible for local development affiliated to the Municipality of Torino, it turned into Urban Lab, thus inheriting some of the tasks accomplished by Associazione Torino Internazionale and Fondazione Smart City.

The network

the network of urban centers

Urban Center Metropolitano belongs to a network operating in the main European cities and in the world with different methods. According to the activities performed and the related context, urban centers adapt their actions, ranging from advocacy planning to the city building process, the communication of urban transformation and the promotion of the debate on architecture.


your event at urban lab

A multimedia installation, a photo exhibition, a meeting point where citizens can know their city. Entry to Urban Lab is free, come and visit us!

Urban Lab can grant the use of its premises to external users.

To rent the rooms and find information on the service use and costs, please contact Urban Lab.

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