build in my back yard!

Challenging urban sprawl by building on citizen initiative

18feb 2019


free entance
Urban Lab
piazza Palazzo
di Città 8f
at 5.30pm

On Monday 18th February at 5,30 p.m. Urban Lab holds the conference “B.I.M.B.Y. BUILD IN MY BACK YARD! Challenging urban sprawl by building on citizen initiative”. 
Denis Caraire and Anaïs Pezet (Lab inVivo, Villes Vivantes) present a series of ongoing experiments in four French urban communities (Creusot-Monceau, Lanvallay, Périgueux, Vosges centrales) dealing with urban fabric densification and the fight against soil consumption through the involvement of citizen

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Denis Caraire e Anaïs Pezet

Lab InVivo/Villes Vivantes


Francesca Frassoldati

FULL Future Urban Legacy Lab


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