in Italy

A conference to reflect on the “housing issue” in Italy

01apr 2017


Scuola Holden
piazza Borgo Dora 49, Torino
at 7pm

A conference promoted by Urban Lab (ex Urban Center Metropolitano) for the calendar of events of Biennale Democrazia. The purpose is to analyse housing policies and the resulting new “housing issue” that has emerged in several Italian cities. 

The management and improvement of residential buildings in our country and the impact of the exacerbated economic and social conditions on the Italian cities are some of the debated issues. This meeting is also an opportunity to present the policies and projects implemented in different Italian contexts to redefine and respond to the growing housing demand. 

the debate


Massimo Lepore


Giovanni Semi

University of Torino

Luca Talluri

president of Federcasa and AUDIS (Association of Disused Urban Areas)


Francesca Cognetti

Politecnico di Milano

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