in the city

The relation between nature and cities is discussed
in a series of meetings promoted by Urban Lab and IFi

27sep 2017
22nov 2018


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For the events of “Cultivons notre jardin” promoted by Institut Français Italia (IFI) in autumn 2018, IFI and Urban Lab (ex Urban Center Metropolitano) propose “Nature in the city”, a series of initiatives dedicated to the relation between nature and the city. Scholars and researchers of different disciplines examine the dynamics, sometimes contradictory, typical of the relation between built areas and natural environment, by comparing Italian and French experiences, analysing the results and discussing any open questions left unanswered.

27th September 2018

urban agriculture and food policies

a comparison between france and italy.

Urban Lab
piazza Palazzo di Città 8f, Torino
at 6.00pm

8th november

landscape project
and new identities of urban areas

Pav parco arte vivente
Via Giordano Bruno 31, Torino
ore 6.00opm

22nd november

nature told

Urban Lab
piazza Palazzo di Città 8f, Torino
at 6:00pm

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