10100 polo del '900

A meeting to talk about Polo del '900, the innovative cultural centre that is growing in the heart of Torino

19nov 2015


Polo del ‘900
corso Valdocco 4/a, Torino
at 6pm

For the series of meetings “10100. How the city is changing”, Urban Lab (ex Urban Center Metropolitano) proposes a meeting to present the project of Polo del ‘900 which, as pointed out by its promoters and designers, combines urban transformation with cultural innovation. 

Polo del ‘900 is the project developed by Compagnia di San Paolo for the creation of an innovative cultural centre in the heart of Torino. The area of the former military quarters designed by Juvarra is now home to twelve cultural institutions of the city: the custodians of precious documentary sources and responsible for running research and activities about the 20th century and contemporary age. In these spaces, opened to the public in 2015, citizens can find documents, study and take part in different events dedicated to public history, democracy and citizenship. A guided tour of Polo del ‘900 will follow. 

the debate


Stefano Lo Russo

president of Urban Lab

Massimo Coda

director of institutional activities, Compagnia di San Paolo

Rosalba Stura

servizio Edilizia per la Cultura (Cultural building service), Città di Torino

Roberto Albano

Fondazione Fitzcarraldo

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